Iranian President Calls for Glorious Parliamentary Elections Runoff

In a statement, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi has urged for the successful organization of the upcoming parliamentary elections runoff scheduled for Friday.

He commended the efforts of the organizers of the initial round of the 12th parliamentary elections and expressed optimism for a similarly successful runoff.

President Raeisi highlighted the importance of national security, cautioning against external threats aiming to sow instability within Iran. He extended his gratitude to the Iranian security forces for their dedication to safeguarding the nation.

The first round of the 12th parliamentary elections took place on Friday, March 1st, with over 61 million out of the country's 87 million eligible voters participating. The elections aimed to select 290 members of the legislative body from a pool of more than 15,000 candidates, each set to serve a four-year term in parliament.

Reports from Iranian media on Saturday, March 2nd, revealed a voter turnout exceeding 40% for the 12th term of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) and the 6th term of the Assembly of Experts.

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