Iran Condemns Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Demonstrations at US Universities

Iran's permanent mission to the United Nations office in Geneva has strongly criticized the ongoing crackdown on pro-Palestine demonstrations at various US universities. The mission emphasized that resorting to violence against peaceful protesters will not silence their voices.

Iran (IMNA) - As Israel's US-supported genocidal campaign against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip surpasses 200 days, clashes between students and law enforcement have erupted at major American universities amidst escalating protests denouncing the regime's actions in the besieged region.

Over 20 universities in the US are actively protesting the war, which has resulted in the deaths of over 34,000 individuals, including women and children, since October of the previous year. These students are urging universities to disassociate from any entities supporting the Israeli regime's actions in Gaza.

Police have detained hundreds of demonstrators on university campuses, prompting Iran's permanent mission in Geneva to denounce the excessive use of force and brutality against peaceful pro-Palestinian protests. The mission highlighted the importance of advocating for justice for Palestine and called for the immediate release of all those detained.

The United States has been a key supporter of Israel, providing substantial military, intelligence, and financial aid to the regime. President Joe Biden recently signed a funding package allocating an additional $17 billion to Israel, reinforcing Washington's unwavering backing amid the Gaza conflict.

Despite international calls for a ceasefire, the US has repeatedly vetoed United Nations Security Council resolutions aimed at halting the brutal military aggression in Gaza. Recent reports from UN experts reveal that 80% of schools in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, with a devastating toll of casualties among students, teachers, and professors since the conflict began.

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