Iran Denounces Israel's "Destabilizing Actions" at UN Security Council, Defends Retaliator

Iran's Permanent UN Ambassador Calls on Security Council to Hold Israel Accountable for "Atrocities" in Gaza

Iran (IMNA) - In a scathing address to the United Nations Security Council, Iran's permanent ambassador to the UN, Amir Saeid Iravani, has denounced Israel's "destabilizing and irresponsible actions" in the West Asia region, urging the Council to hold the Israeli regime accountable for its "atrocities" in Gaza and elsewhere.

Iravani stated that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to "expand and escalate the conflict in the region to stay in power," and called on the Security Council to "shoulder its responsibility" and take "urgent and punitive measures" to compel Israel to stop its "genocide and massacre" against the people of Gaza.

The Iranian diplomat also defended Iran's recent retaliatory missile and drone strikes against occupied territories, stating that they were in response to an Israeli terrorist attack on Iran's diplomatic premises in Damascus on April 1. Iravani emphasized that these actions were "necessary and proportionate" and carried out to "minimize the potential for escalation and prevent civilian harm."

Iravani condemned the "hypocritical behavior" of certain Security Council members, including the United States, Britain, and France, for "falsely blaming and accusing Iran without considering their own failures to uphold their international commitments to peace and security in the region."

The Iranian ambassador reiterated that Iran has no intention of engaging in conflict with the US in the region, but warned that it will use its inherent right to respond proportionately if Washington initiates military operations against Iran, its citizens, or its security and interests.

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