President Raeisi Vows Strong Response to Any Threat Against Iran's Interests

President Ebrahim Raeisi has made it clear that any slight action against Iran's interests will be met with a substantial and painful response.

Iran (IMNA) - This statement was made during a phone conversation with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, following Iran's retaliation against Israel's attack on its consulate in Syria. Raeisi explained that Israel's frustration stems from its unsuccessful attempts in the Gaza Strip.

President Raeisi Expresses Frustration Over UN's Inaction on Israeli Crimes and Iran's Right to Self-Defense

Iranian President Raeisi expressed his disappointment with the United Nations and its Security Council for their inaction regarding Israeli crimes in Gaza and their failure to condemn Israel's terrorist attack on Iran's consulate. Consequently, Raeisi emphasized that the Islamic Republic exercised its legitimate right to self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter by retaliating against the centers responsible for harming Iran.

President Raeisi Urges Muslim Countries to Deter Israel's Crimes with Stronger Measures, Addresses Western Support

Iranian President Raeisi emphasized the importance of Muslim nations taking stronger measures of deterrence against Israel, as it continues to commit crimes in Gaza. He pointed out that the unwavering support from some Western countries for the Israeli regime only escalates tensions in the region. Despite this, Raeisi highlighted the resilience and victories of the people in Gaza through their resistance against such atrocities.

Sheikh Tamim Commends Iran's Strategic Response to Israel's Actions, Highlights Convergence in Global Support for Palestine

Sheikh Tamim praised Iran's tactful approach in designing and executing a retaliatory operation against Israel, as it effectively conveyed a clear message to everyone. He also mentioned Qatar's condemnation of Israel's deadly attack, which violated international agreements, conventions, and diplomatic norms. As the world witnesses a heightened level of unity in supporting the Palestinian cause, Sheikh Tamim noted that Israel is attempting to escalate tensions to divert global attention from its crimes in Gaza. Furthermore, he celebrated the strong, mutually trusting relationship between Iran and Qatar, expressing how both countries have consistently supported each other in various circumstances.

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