Cindy McCain Warns of Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis: Children on the Brink of Famine

Cindy McCain, the Executive Director of the World Food Programme, has expressed deep concern over the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, highlighting that innocent children are tragically dying from hunger.

Iran (IMNA) -In a recent interview with CNN, she emphasized the urgent need for international intervention to prevent further loss of life and long-term consequences of malnutrition.

While acknowledging the Zionist regime's agreement to open a new crossing for humanitarian aid, McCain stresses that this step is insufficient to address the massive scale of the crisis. She draws attention to the emaciated children in Gaza, who are suffering from severe malnutrition and face a bleak future if immediate aid does not reach them.

With a substantial amount of humanitarian aid waiting just a few kilometers away, McCain underscores the importance of ensuring crossings for aid delivery to Gaza. She warns that the failure to provide timely assistance may result in the tragic loss of countless lives, and even if aid arrives, the victims may bear the lifelong consequences of malnutrition.

According to UNICEF, over 13,000 children have perished since the beginning of the Zionist regime's brutal war on Gaza, and currently, one out of every three Palestinian children under the age of 2 is malnourished due to severe famine.

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