Alliance of Iran, Russia, and China: A Growing Concern for US and Western Allies

These countries, members of the BRICS international club, have seen their bilateral trade increase and are developing plans for duty-free trade blocks, new payment systems, and trade routes bypassing Western-controlled territories.

Iran (IMNA) - This economic alliance has become a cause of concern for the United States and its Western allies, as it may allow these countries to bypass sanctions, win wars, and attract more adversaries to their side.

The US-imposed sanctions on Russia following the 2022 special operation in Ukraine have strengthened its ties with Iran and China. China, too, faces increasing restrictions, which may worsen if Donald Trump becomes president in November. In response, the trio has committed to pursuing a common foreign policy, aiming to maintain a multipolar world where the United States no longer dominates. They believe that stronger economic ties are crucial for the strength of their new alliance.

The Economist also notes that China has promised Russia an "unlimited" partnership and signed a "strategic agreement" with Iran worth over $400 billion for a 25-year period. The growing economic cooperation between these countries has raised concerns among US policymakers. General Michael Erik Kurilla, the commander of United States Central Command, has expressed worry about the increasing cooperation between Iran, Russia, and China, particularly in terms of oil trade. He mentioned China's support for Iran's regional plans by purchasing Iranian oil and highlighted that Iran, Russia, and China are strengthening and expanding their relations.

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