President Raeisi Casts Ballot, Emphasizes Significance of Popular Vote

President Ebrahim Raeisi cast his vote at the Elections Headquarters in the Interior Ministry on Friday.

Iran (IMNA) - Addressing reporters, Raeisi stressed the paramount importance of the popular vote in shaping the nation's destiny. "The people's vote decides for all parts of the country," he declared.

"This election is a source of pride for the Islamic Establishment," Raeisi continued, citing the late Imam Khomeini's words that "the vote of the nation is the criterion."

The president lauded the election as a national festival and a testament to the unity of the Iranian people. He highlighted the participation of various political groups, which he said had contributed to a "glorious day" for the nation.

Raeisi emphasized the unique nature of Iran's elections, where "all candidates and all voters act according to their duties." Unlike other countries, he said, there are no losers in an Iranian election, as "everyone has fulfilled their duty by turning out."

"The winner of this election is the Iranian nation," Raeisi concluded.

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