Iran Slams US, Europe for Silence on Gaza 'Genocide'

Iran has strongly condemned the United States and European countries for their silence over the alleged "genocide" in the Gaza Strip after Israeli forces opened fire on a humanitarian aid convoy, killing over 100 Palestinians.

Iran (IMNA) - "The wound of Gaza will not be erased from the memory of the free people of the world," said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani. "The shame of supporting and remaining silent towards the mass killing and genocide of Palestinians by the criminal Zionist regime will be evident on the foreheads of the false champions of human rights in the United States and Europe."

According to the Palestinian health ministry, at least 104 Palestinians were killed and hundreds more injured when Israeli forces fired on a crowd waiting to receive food aid in Gaza City.

The incident has been widely condemned as a "massacre" by Palestinian authorities and international organizations.

Residents of Gaza City had been facing severe food shortages due to Israeli forces cutting off aid to the area. NGOs and UN experts have expressed concerns about a potential famine in northern Gaza, with reports of people, including babies, dying of hunger.

"The food security situation is extremely critical across Gaza, particularly in northern Gaza," said the UN humanitarian agency OCHA.

The World Food Programme (WFP) accused Israel of blocking access to aid for over a month.

The shooting in Gaza City adds to the death toll in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which the Palestinian health ministry estimates has exceeded 30,000.

Despite efforts to negotiate a truce, mediators have reported that a deal between Israel and Hamas may be just days away.

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