Iran Denounces Germany's Anti-Iran Allegations as Whitewashing Israeli Abuses

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned allegations made by the German foreign minister against Iran, accusing Berlin of attempting to conceal human rights violations perpetrated by Israel in Palestine.

Iran (IMNA) - Spokesperson Nasser Kan'ani dismissed the accusations as "futile" and a cover-up for Germany's support for Israel's occupation and its indifference towards human rights abuses in Palestine.

Kan'ani criticized Western governments, particularly Germany, for allegedly supporting human rights violators and providing chemical weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war.

"It is ironic that countries with a history of supporting human rights violators now claim to defend human rights," he said.

Kan'ani also accused Germany of politicizing human rights and interfering in other countries' internal affairs while simultaneously profiting from arms exports.

He pointed to the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza and the humanitarian crisis in Palestinian territories as evidence of the hypocrisy of Western powers.

Kan'ani urged Germany and its allies to appoint a fact-finding committee to investigate Israel's alleged killings of over 30,000 Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli offensive against Gaza began on October 7 after Hamas retaliated against Israel's atrocities against the Palestinian people. Israel has imposed a siege on Gaza, cutting off essential supplies to over two million residents.

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