Iranian authorities dismantle terrorist network in Isfahan, arrest 21 individuals

In a recent operation, Iranian security forces in the central province of Isfahan have successfully dismantled a terrorist network by arresting 21 individuals, including terrorists and counterrevolutionary elements. Asadollah Jafari, Chief Justice of Isfahan Province, announced on Friday that eight terrorists were apprehended just before the upcoming ceremonies to mark the 45th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution in February.

Iran (IMNA) - During the operation, intelligence forces in Isfahan confiscated a significant amount of ammunition and weapons, including 55 hand-made bombs, in addition to arresting 13 more terrorists. Jafari emphasized that despite continuous efforts by enemies to undermine Iran, the country remains peaceful and secure thanks to the vigilance of security forces.

Security forces are committed to combatting various forms of terrorism, acts of sabotage, organized crime, cyber threats, and any challenges to the nation's security while also protecting the rights of different ethnic and religious groups within Iran.

Earlier this year, Iranian authorities executed four individuals on charges of working for the Israeli Mossad spy agency and planning a bomb attack on a Defense Ministry factory in Isfahan province. This recent bust of a terrorist network further illustrates Iran's dedication to safeguarding its citizens and national security.

On July 23, 2022, the terrorists planned to carry out an attack on an installation in Najafabad, targeting the production of military equipment and missile components for the Defense Ministry. However, their sinister designs were thwarted by the vigilance and expertise of Iranian intelligence personnel.

The plotters were identified and apprehended a few days before their intended strike. The prompt response of security forces prevented potential loss of life and damage to the critical infrastructure, ensuring the safety and security of the city and the nation.

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