Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Emphasizes Tehran's Commitment to Strengthening Regional Ties

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, expressed Tehran's commitment to enhancing ties with neighboring and regional nations.

Iran (IMNA) - Highlighting the administration's strategic interaction with neighboring states, Bagheri emphasized the importance of fostering relations with countries like Azerbaijan due to shared historical, cultural, and religious connections. The Iranian government is dedicated to strengthening cooperation with regional and neighboring countries.

Iran's Bagheri Kani Stresses De-escalation Approach with Neighbors

Iranian official Bagheri Kani emphasized Iran's commitment to de-escalation with neighboring countries, aiming to prevent foreign intervention in regional affairs. He highlighted the importance of strengthening ties with nations like Azerbaijan to foster a stable region based on cooperation and collective security. Bagheri Kani underscored that Iran's strategic decision includes fostering strong relationships with neighbors and the withdrawal of the US for regional stability.

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