Arab Countries Restrict US and Allies' Attacks on Iran, Resistance Groups Amidst Israeli Offensive on Gaza Strip

Several Arab countries are imposing restrictions on the United States and its allies, preventing them from conducting attacks against Iran and resistance groups in the West Asia region.

According to an anonymous US official cited in a report by Politico magazine, countries like the United Arab Emirates have limited the use of their military bases by the US for strikes against Iran and resistance groups. This comes at a time when the civilian death toll in Gaza is increasing, with some Arab countries attempting to establish better relations with Iran.

Arab Countries Restrict US Access in Region, Details Remain Confidential

The American online magazine has refrained from revealing the names and precise number of Arab countries involved in restricting US access in the region. According to Politico, an official explained that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is taking this action to avoid appearing opposed to Iran or too aligned with the West and Israel due to public opinion concerns.

In recent times, the US occupation forces and their allies have escalated terrorist attacks and strikes in the West Asia region to support the Israeli regime. Since October 7, 2023, when the Israeli regime initiated a genocidal war against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, over 28,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, have tragically lost their lives, with more than 68,000 others sustaining injuries.

Resistance Groups Launch Retaliatory Strikes Against US Occupation Bases; Yemen Declares Open War Against US and British Interests

In response to the US occupation bases in the region, resistance groups have carried out numerous retaliatory strikes, resulting in the death of three soldiers and leaving dozens wounded. Meanwhile, Yemen has declared an open war against US and British interests following their military campaign in support of Israel.

Contrary to US claims of Iranian involvement through "proxies" in the region, Iran has repeatedly stated that it has no affiliated groups operating in West Asia. The Islamic Republic maintains that resistance groups in the area act independently and do not take orders from Iran.

Israel's closest ally, the United States, has been providing the regime with a significant amount of arms and ammunition throughout the Gaza war. Additionally, the US has vetoed UN Security Council resolutions urging Israel to halt its aggressive actions.

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