Iranian Energy Minister Announces Water and Electricity Projects in 50 Countries

Iranian Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian revealed that Iranian contractors are currently undertaking water and electricity projects in 50 countries worldwide.

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Mehrabian commended Iran's exceptional performance in the field of technical and engineering services, particularly in the region. He emphasized that Iran's water and electricity industry specialists are actively engaged in over 50 countries globally. Furthermore, Mehrabian highlighted the remarkable progress of Iran's water and electricity industry, transitioning from a dependent sector to achieving complete self-sufficiency, which is attributed to the efforts of domestic experts.

Iran's Engineering Sector Gains Regional Recognition as Domestic Companies Expand Services

According to the Iranian minister, domestic companies have not only met the country's demands but have also become sought-after by neighboring nations for their engineering services. This development highlights the Islamic Republic's growing presence in the engineering sector.

As part of its strategy to counter the impact of U.S. sanctions, Iran has prioritized increasing non-oil exports, including technical and engineering services. This approach aims to diversify the country's export portfolio beyond traditional products.

Given Iran's vast potential in this field, expanding the export of such services would greatly benefit the nation's foreign trade, particularly with neighboring countries.

In May of last year, Iranian Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian reported a significant growth in the export of technical and engineering services to Iraq, underscoring the positive trajectory of this sector.

Iranian Energy Minister Mehrabian Highlights Growing Cooperation with Iraq in Electricity Industry

In a press conference held in Baghdad, Iranian Energy Minister Mehrabian emphasized the increasing collaboration between Iran and Iraq in the electricity sector. Following his meeting with Iraqi Minister of Electricity Ziad Ali Fazel, Mehrabian stated that there have been significant exchanges of technical and engineering services in the electricity industry between the two countries.

Mehrabian highlighted the success of Iranian companies in constructing power plants in Iraq and mentioned the fruitful discussions held on various topics such as power plant maintenance, repair, network development, and more. This growing partnership signifies the strengthening ties between Iran and Iraq in the field of electricity.

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