President Ebrahim Raeisi's Administration Boosts Business Recovery; 7,000 Factories Resume Operation

During a visit to Hormozgan province on Thursday morning, President Ebrahim Raeisi highlighted the success of his administration in aiding business recovery.

Iran (IMNA) - He stated that thanks to government support, as many as 7,000 factories have resumed operations. President Raeisi emphasized the province's vast potential in maritime economy, tourism, agriculture, and industry, further emphasizing the importance of harnessing these capabilities for future growth.

Iranian President Highlights Successful Completion of Projects and Plans in Hormozgan Province

The Iranian President commended the progress made in Hormozgan province, emphasizing the completion of numerous projects and plans that were previously unfinished. During his visit, he acknowledged the efforts of Mr. Governor General, diligent managers, and all those involved in the province's development. A staggering 105 trillion has been allocated to ensure the successful completion of these initiatives. The President expressed his intention to personally inspect some of these projects during his two-day trip. He also highlighted the province's potential for further production and enhanced services for its residents, stating that Hormozgan still offers promising opportunities in these areas.

President Raeisi Highlights Completion of Projects and Plans for Province's Development

President Raeisi emphasized the successful completion of several long-awaited projects in the province, fulfilling the expectations of its residents. He also announced the commencement of additional essential projects, assuring that they would be executed promptly. The President acknowledged the province's increasing momentum, stating, "The intensified movement witnessed by the people is a testament to our commitment to progress."

Furthermore, Raeisi revealed plans to personally inspect various regions of the province over the next two days to oversee ongoing projects and develop new strategies. During the administrative council meeting, decisions will be made regarding pre-planned initiatives aimed at further advancing the province. The President affirmed that his administration would diligently follow through on these plans until the desired outcomes are achieved.

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