Iran Condemns Israel's War Crimes as Cause of West Asia Crisis

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan'ani, addressed the ongoing crisis in West Asia during a weekly press briefing on Monday.

Iran (IMNA) - He described the relentless war crimes committed by Israel against the oppressed Palestinian people as the root cause of the current situation. As Israel's US-backed genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip reached its 115th day, Kan'ani emphasized the severity of the attacks, stating that the Gaza Strip has endured the most brutal assaults by the occupying regime. He concluded by asserting that the crisis in the region is a direct consequence of the Zionist regime's continued perpetration of war crimes.

Iranian Foreign Minister Criticizes International Community's Response to Crisis, Supports Regional Stability

In a recent statement, Nasser Kan’ani, the Iranian Foreign Minister, expressed disappointment in the international community and the United Nations Security Council for their failure to effectively address the ongoing crisis. Kan’ani attributed this failure to the unconstructive actions of the United States. He emphasized Iran's commitment to promoting stability in the region.

The Foreign Minister also echoed the sentiments expressed by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, who had previously called on Muslim countries to sever their political and economic ties with Israel. Khamenei urged these nations to act by cutting off Israel's vital arteries, thereby condemning the occupying regime.

Islamic States Vow to Sever Zionist Regime's Vital Arteries, Urging Independent Action

In a recent statement, Kan’ani, a prominent figure in the Islamic states, expressed that they possess the necessary means to sever the crucial lifelines of the Zionist regime. Kan’ani emphasized the urgency for action, asserting that relying on international organizations is futile due to their alleged pro-Israel bias.

Following a historic operation by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group against the occupying entity, Israel initiated a brutal war on Gaza on October 7.

Tragically, the Tel Aviv regime's relentless aggression has resulted in the loss of over 26,422 Palestinian lives, predominantly comprising women and children. Additionally, at least 65,087 individuals have suffered injuries as a consequence of these hostilities.

Iran Urges End to Israeli Onslaught on Gaza, Emphasizes Desire for Regional Stability

In an official statement, Iran's spokesman expressed the country's commitment to regional stability and called for an immediate halt to the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Highlighting Iran's stance, he stressed that stability in the region benefits all parties involved. The spokesman condemned the war crimes, siege, and displacement of Gaza's people, emphasizing the need for an end to these atrocities. Furthermore, he emphasized Iran's intention to avoid tensions not only with the United States but with any other party. The spokesman urged a realistic approach to addressing regional issues. Additionally, he underscored the strong and enduring relationship between Iran and Iraq, emphasizing the mutual political will of the neighboring countries to maintain their close ties.

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