Iran Reaffirms Support for "One China" Policy, Backs Beijing's Right to Defend Sovereignty

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan'ani, reiterated Iran's unwavering support for the "One China" policy on Sunday. Speaking in response to inquiries about Taiwan's presidential election, Kan'ani emphasized Iran's commitment to respecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations. He further stated that Iran has consistently expressed its backing for the "One China" principle.

Iran (IMNA) - Kan'ani went on to declare Iran's firm support for Beijing's right to defend its national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Additionally, he expressed Iran's endorsement of China's reunification, emphasizing the importance of peaceful cross-strait development as the foundation for such a process.

China Asserts Sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, Warns of Potential Use of Force

China maintains its sovereignty over Chinese Taipei, commonly referred to as Taiwan, a fact acknowledged by virtually all nations under the internationally recognized "One China" policy. This policy dictates that states refrain from establishing diplomatic relations with the separatist government in Taipei.

Nevertheless, while recognizing China's sovereignty, Washington has consistently pursued closer ties with Taipei, aiming to unsettle Beijing.

In response, Beijing has repeatedly issued warnings, explicitly stating its readiness to employ force if necessary to reunify Taiwan with mainland China. President Xi Jinping has been unequivocal in expressing China's stance on this matter.

"William Lai Ching-te of Ruling Party Emerges Victorious in Taiwan's Presidential Election with Over 5 Million Votes"

In a resounding victory, William Lai Ching-te, the candidate representing Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), secured a remarkable total of more than 5 million votes in the country's presidential election held on Saturday. Lai garnered an impressive 40.2 percent of the approximately 13.9 million votes cast, an outcome that reflects the strong support he enjoyed from the electorate. This notable achievement came amidst a high voter turnout of 70.6 percent, with ballots counted from 98 percent of polling stations.

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