Israeli Occupation Violates International Law by Targeting Shelter and Displacement Centers in Gaza Strip, Euro-Med Monitor Reports

According to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, the Israeli occupation continues to escalate its military attacks, directly targeting shelter and displacement centers in the Gaza Strip.

Iran (IMNA) - The deliberate nature of these attacks explicitly violates the rules of international law, particularly international humanitarian law. The official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported this development on Tuesday, highlighting the ongoing aggression by the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Strikes in Gaza Aim to Displace Residents and Worsen Suffering, Violating International Law

In the latest developments, Israel has launched a series of strikes aimed at implementing its public plans to forcibly displace residents from the Gaza Strip. These strikes seek to instill a sense of insecurity among the local population, leaving them with no safe place to seek refuge. This move comes amidst an ongoing genocidal war that has been raging since October 7, 2023.

The Euro-Med Monitor has strongly condemned these deliberate military attacks, emphasizing that they flagrantly violate international law, particularly international humanitarian law. The organization highlights that according to established principles, shelters and displacement centers are meant to be safe havens, and it is the responsibility of the Israeli occupation to ensure their safety and security.

It is crucial to address these violations and uphold the principles of international law, protecting the rights and well-being of the affected residents in Gaza.

Occupation's Obstruction of Aid Prevents Gaza Strip Residents from Obtaining Necessary Healthcare

The Euro-Med Monitor has emphasized in its recent statement that the occupation's persistence in displacing the majority of the population in the Gaza Strip has resulted in limited access to essential healthcare services. This is particularly detrimental for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. The occupation authorities continue to impede the entry of humanitarian aid, including vital food and medical supplies, which are crucial for meeting the residents' urgent needs.

As a consequence, the displaced population is compelled to construct makeshift tents and gather in open spaces in Rafah and the central governorates of the Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, this dire situation leaves them unable to access fundamental health facilities and supplies. Consequently, the risk of infectious diseases spreading is heightened, posing a significant threat of a widespread health catastrophe.

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