Iran Calls UN Resolution on Gaza Aid "Positive but Insufficient"

Iran has expressed its views on the recent United Nations Security Council resolution aimed at providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. According to Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani, while the resolution is seen as a positive step, it is considered insufficient in addressing the urgent needs of the Palestinians in the besieged territory.

Iran (IMNA) - Kan'ani stated that it is regrettable that even after 77 days of relentless attacks by the Zionist regime on defenseless people in Gaza, the US administration continues to hinder the adoption of a binding resolution in the Security Council. He emphasized the need for immediate action to halt the ongoing war, war crimes, and genocide perpetrated by the Zionist regime in Gaza.

Aid Consignments to Gaza Unfeasible Amid Ongoing Israeli Bombings and Destruction, Says Kan’ani

Kan’ani, in light of the continuous Israeli bombings and military strikes that have been ravaging Gaza for the past 77 days, has expressed the impracticality of dispatching aid consignments to the region. With over 60% of residential buildings and urban infrastructure reduced to rubble, the devastation is undeniable.

Furthermore, Kan’ani highlighted the remarks made by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres after the vote, which serve as a testament to the harsh reality at hand. Kan’ani emphasized that the adoption of Resolution 2720 does not exempt the UN Security Council from its responsibilities. He further added that the primary responsibility for the relentless attacks and war crimes committed by the Israeli regime against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank lies with the US administration.

UN Security Council Passes Resolution on Israeli-Gaza Conflict, Calls for Increased Aid Delivery

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council addressed the ongoing Israeli onslaught against Gaza by passing a resolution. The resolution emphasized the need for heightened aid deliveries to the besieged region, aiming to alleviate the humanitarian crisis. However, it fell short of explicitly demanding an immediate halt to the genocide.

The watered-down resolution urged all parties involved in the conflict to permit the safe and unrestricted delivery of humanitarian assistance on a large scale. Additionally, it called for the establishment of conditions that would lead to a sustainable cessation of hostilities. Notably, the resolution refrained from advocating for an immediate end to the fighting.

In a vote among the council's 15 members, the resolution received overwhelming support with 13 in favor and none against. Both the United States and Russia chose to abstain from the vote, remaining neutral in this critical international matter.

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