Iranian President Commends Palestinian Resistance Against Israeli Regime

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi expressed admiration for the resilience demonstrated by the Palestinian people in their ongoing struggle against the Israeli regime.

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking to a large gathering in Gorgan, Iran, President Raeisi lauded the steadfastness of the Palestinians in Gaza, who have endured relentless Israeli attacks for over two months. He emphasized that the global community is astounded by the strength and determination exhibited by the young Palestinians. The president also highlighted that numerous world leaders have officially recognized this unparalleled power, questioning how the Palestinians have achieved such resilience in what is often referred to as the largest open-air prison on earth. President Raeisi attributed this unwavering resistance to the indomitable spirit of the Iranian people, stating, "We believe that blood prevails over the sword."

Israeli Regime Launches Offensive on Gaza, Thousands of Palestinians Killed and Injured

In response to the surprise Operation Al-Aqsa Storm carried out by the Palestinian Hamas resistance group, the Israeli regime initiated a war on Gaza on October 7th. The offensive, backed by the United States, has resulted in a devastating toll on the Palestinian population. According to reports, more than 20,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, including approximately 8,000 children and 6,200 women. An additional 52,586 individuals have been injured, while thousands more are feared dead or missing beneath the rubble.

Furthermore, amidst these tragic circumstances, the president emphasized that the enemies' malicious attempts to thwart the establishment of an Islamic republic system and impede Iran's progress have ultimately failed.

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