Geneva-based Rights Group Reveals 71% of Gazans Suffer Extreme Hunger due to Israel's Use

In a recent study conducted by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, it was discovered that a staggering 71 percent of individuals in the Gaza Strip are experiencing severe hunger. The report, released on Tuesday, sheds light on the devastating impact of Israel's ongoing war on the Palestinian.

Iran (IMNA) - The study analyzed a sample size of 1,200 people living in Gaza, revealing that a striking 98 percent of participants reported consuming insufficient amounts of food. Shockingly, 64 percent admitted resorting to eating grass, fruits, immature food, and expired materials in an attempt to alleviate their hunger.

This revelation comes at a time when Israel is facing intense criticism for its employment of tactics that deliberately deprive civilians of basic necessities, a clear violation of international law. The publication of this study serves as a stark reminder of the dire humanitarian situation unfolding in Gaza.

According to reports, the occupying regime is intentionally obstructing the delivery of water, food, and fuel to Gaza, resulting in a dire situation for the besieged territory. This deliberate action is impeding humanitarian assistance and causing destruction to agricultural areas. The combination of the Israeli blockade and genocidal aggression has pushed Gaza into a catastrophic state, with limited access to sanitation and safe water leading to a rise in waterborne diseases.

A recent study conducted by Euro-Med revealed that the rate of access to water in the Gaza Strip, including drinking, bathing, and cleaning water, is merely 1.5 liters per person per day. This amount falls significantly short, as it is 15 liters less than the minimum required for survival. The findings highlight the severe impact of the Israeli blockade on the daily lives and well-being of the people in Gaza.

The study has revealed that a significant number of Gaza residents, around 66 percent, have suffered from various health issues such as diarrhea, skin rashes, and intestinal diseases in the past month. These alarming findings shed light on the detrimental effects of malnutrition and limited access to clean drinking water in the region.

In related news, tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas resistance group escalated when Operation Al-Aqsa Storm was carried out as a response to the Israeli government's intensified mistreatment of the Palestinian people. In retaliation, Israel launched a military offensive against Gaza on October 7th.

Tragically, the ongoing conflict has resulted in a devastating loss of life. The Tel Aviv regime's actions have led to the death of at least 19,667 Palestinians, primarily women and children, while leaving 52,586 others injured. Additionally, numerous individuals remain missing and are presumed dead beneath the rubble.

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