Iran Condemns US Veto of UN Resolution, Accuses it of Supporting Israeli Brutality Against Palestinians

In a weekly press conference held in Tehran, Nasser Kan’ani, an Iranian official, criticized the United States' decision to veto a United Nations resolution that called for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The US used its veto power in the United Nations Security Council on Friday to block the draft resolution.

Kan’ani stated, "The US government has demonstrated that it stands alone in opposition to the international community and is unafraid of supporting the Zionist regime." He further emphasized that the US veto not only halted efforts to cease the ongoing conflict in Gaza but also endorsed the continuation of barbaric acts against the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Iran strongly condemned the US action, asserting that it amounted to a vote in favor of Israel's brutality and oppression against the Palestinian people. The move further strained relations between the US and Iran, highlighting the stark differences in their approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kan'ani praised the actions taken by UN Secretary-General António Guterres in response to the situation in Gaza. Guterres's responsible approach prompted the Security Council to address the issue and urged swift action to ensure international peace and security.

However, Kan'ani expressed his disappointment with the United States, accusing them of resisting the global community and defying the resolution put forth by the UN chief for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This defiance, according to Kan'ani, highlights the US government's complicity in the Israeli regime's crimes.

Iran, in alignment with its previous stance, strongly condemned the US government's actions. Kan'ani emphasized that the American government is not a solution to the ongoing conflict in Gaza but rather contributes to the continuation of the genocide against the people of Gaza.

It is worth noting that the resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates received support from thirteen Security Council members. However, the United Kingdom chose to abstain from voting on this matter.

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