5th MENA International Film Fest to be Held in Hague, Netherlands

The 5th round of MENA International Film Festival is set to be held in the Netherlands, aiming at supporting young independent filmmakers from North Africa and the Middle East.

Iran (IMNA) - The 5th edition of MENA International Film Festival, presided over by Mohammad Amin, the Iraqi poet who is a Dutch resident, will take place on December 9 & ۱۰, 2023, in the Hague, the Netherlands, showcasing films by directors from Greece, Tunisia, the Netherlands, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Sudan, and Lebanon, and is set to feature a variety of contemporary visual perspectives on matters of cultural, political, social, and artistic significance regarding the Middle East and North Africa.

The jury of the 5th edition of MENA Film Festival is comprised of the following figures: Khadija Bu Achrine, cinema journalist from Morocco; Alaeddine Saidi, movie critic from Tunisia; Nihad Al Kadi, critic and lawyer from Iraq; Patricia Cardona, filmmaker and poet from Spain; Abderrahim El Haloui, movie critic from Morocco. These members of the jury will be handing out the prizes for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Film, Peace and Justice, and Audience Award.

The Hague International Film Festival (MENA) in the Netherlands aims to support young filmmakers and independent filmmakers in North Africa and the Middle East, and to present contemporary visual perspectives from these regions, a cinema that has the ability to create a wide audience. Proves it by succeeding in humanitarian goals and helping to maintain world peace.

5th MENA International Film Fest to be Held in Hague, Netherlands

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