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10th Duhok Film Fest Jury President Emin Alper Introduced Along with Competition Categories Jurors

Memoriam of Yılmaz Güney, the 1982 Palme d’or winner in Cannes in DuhokIFF
10th Duhok Film Fest Jury President Emin Alper Introduced Along with Competition Categories Jurors

The jury members for the World Cinema and Kurdish Cinema competition categories of the 10th edition of Duhok International Film Festival have been introduced, with filmmaker Emin Alper as the jury president of the international segment.

Iran (IMNA) - According to the report of Mansour Jahani, an independent and international cinema journalist, Massoud Arif, the official speaker for the 10th Duhok International Film Festival, has stated, "This round of the festival heralds the motto of 'Kurdish Mother Tongue,' with films screened in 16 different languages. The guests come from 34 countries to attend this cinematic event. The Kurdish Cinema category includes 50 films, the World Cinema, 66 films, and in total 116 titles will get screenings in this edition; which compared to the last year's round, contains more entries. Twenty-six Kurdish films as well as thirty-one foreign ones and a total of fifty-seven titles have entered the competition category to vie for the prizes."

Festival Films Screening at Youth Detention Center
The filmmaker stressed that the Duhok Mall Complex and Duhok University's Congregation Hall will be hosting the festival. "This year, the titles for Kurdish Cinema will get screened at youth detention center, under the supervision of the Kurdish actor, Adil Abdolrahman, so as to encourage the culture of watching films and getting to know them," said Arif.

Selection Committee Members of Kurdish Cinema and World Cinema Categories
Shawkat Amin Korki, the artistic director of Duhok International Film Festival, said, "The Kurdish Cinema selection committee include the filmmaker Masoud Arif, the filmmaker and actor Hussein Hassan, the critic Dr. Kowthar Jabbar, the filmmaker Cenan Yusufoğlu, producers Fuad Jalal and Shirzad Abdullah, and the members of the selection committee for World Cinema include the critic Sait Tarakcioglu, the editor Charlotte Bock, the journalist Yılmaz Özdil, the actor and producer Roj Hajo, and the screenwriter Fatma Parmaksiz."

World Cinema Competition Jury Members
This Kurdish filmmaker commented on the members of the jury for the competition categories of World Cinema and Kurdish Cinema, "This year also features five competition categories and the entries to Duhok International Film Festival will be judged by the members of the jury. The members of the jury of the international cinema category are the following figures:
Emin Alper, filmmaker and screenwriter from Turkey as the jury president
Mahsa Mohebali, novelist and screenwriter from Iran
Nirmal Dhal, actor from India
Artur Zaborski, journalist from Poland
Chabname Zariab, Afghan screenwriter and filmmaker residing in France

Kurdish Cinema Competition Jury Members
He also said, "The members of the jury for the feature-length films in the Kurdish Cinema category are the following:
Camille Laemel, producer from France, as the jury president
Maryam Boubani, actress from Iran
Mahmoud Abu Abbas from Iraq
Nizamettin Ariç, Kurdish composer and singer residing in Germany
Elsa Rassbach, producer from the US

Members of the jury for documentaries competition
Shawkat Amin Korki continued his remarks by saying, "The jurors for documentaries competition are as follows:
Rodney Charles, actor and producer from England, as jury president
Anaïs Boelicke, artistic director from Germany
Rekesh Shahbaz, actor and filmmaker from Kurdistan Region

Members of the jury for shorts competition
The artistic director of Duhok Film International Festival added, "The jurors for the category of shorts competition are the following:
Carmen Gray, journalist from New Zealand, as jury president
Kamiran Betasi, filmmaker from Kurdistan Region
Süheyla Schwenk, filmmaker from Germany

E S, [07.12.23 18:29]
FIPRESCI Jury Members
Shawkat Amin Korki stressed, "In the last couple of years, the International Federation of Film Critics has played an impactful role in Duhok International Film Festival, and this year three critics will be in charge of that task. Katharina Dockhorn from Germany, Aina Randrianatoandro from Madagaskar, and Sait Tarakcioglu from Kurdistani Turkey are the figures involved."

Kudish Cinema Feature-Length Documentaries Competition
Ravand Zaid, the planning director of the Kurdish Cinema category in Duhok Film Festival, said that this year, seven films have been selected to compete for the Best Documentary Award which are the following titles:
Taste of Water by Ebrahim Saeedi from Iran
Hiding Saddam Hussein by Halkawt Mustafa from Norway and Kurdistan Region
Nisho's Flute by Sedat Kira from Kurdistan Turkey
Daughters of the Sun by Reber Dosky from the Netherlands
Iraq's Invisible Beauty by Sahim Omar Khalifa and Jurgen Buedts from Belgium , Kurdistan Region and France
RA (SPIRTUAL REALITY) by Devrim Tekinoğlu from Turkey
Dekan Cave Massacre by Nabaz Ahmed from Kurdistan Region.

Kurdish Cinema Shorts Competition
He added, "In the short films competition, twelve pieces have been selected to vie for the best prize which are as follows:
Nietzschean Suicide by Payam Kurdistani from Iran
Prohibited Grave by Hassan Hussen from Kurdistan Region
Thirty Years One Night by Mehmet İsmail Çeçen from Kurdistan Region
For Horam by Jalal Saedpanah from Kurdistan Iran
Triangle by Zhino Hadi Hasan from Kurdistan Region
Killing Bagheera by Muschirf Shekh Zeyn from Kurdistan Region
Things Unheard of by Ramazan Kılıç from Turkey
03.33 by Azad Sadeghi from Iran
The Shepherd by Sarhat Nariman Khamo from Kurdistan Region
Suitcase by Saman Hosseinpuor and Ako Zandkarimi from Kurdistan Iran
4 PM by Nevroz Shaban from Kurdistan Region
The Trivet by Abdurrahim Karabulut and Mahsun Celayir from Kurdistani Turkey

Kurdish Cinema Competition Films
The planning manager of Kurdish Cinema category reiterated, "In the feature-length category, seven films have been selected to enter the competition and vie for the awards. The following are the entries:
Transient Happiness by Sina Mohamed Ahmed from Kurdistan Region
Mother Elif by Kazim Öz and Semir Aslanyürek from Kurdistani Turkey
Baghdad Messi by Sahim Omar Khalifa from Belgium
Beyan by Amir Gholami from Kurdistan Iran
In the Blind Spot by Ayşe Pola from Germany
Rojbash by Ozkan Kucok from Turkey
Allihopa: The Dalkurd Story by Kordo Doski from the US, Sweden, and Kurdistan Region

World Cinema Motion Picture Competition
Saman Mustafa, the executive manager of Duhok International Film Festival, said, "This year, nine films have been selected to enter the World Cinema competition category; the following titles are the entries:
Between Revolutions by Vlad Petri from Romania
No End by Nader Saeivar from Iran
Rohbau by Tuna Kaptan from Albania and Germany
Elaha by Milena Aboyan from Germany
Sashenka by Alexander Zhovna from Ukraine
Excursion by Una Gunjak from Bosnia
Es Brennt by Erol Afşin from Germany
Bullets by Peter Pontikis from Sweden
Hanging Gardens by Ahmad Yasin from Iraq

World Cinema Feature-Length Documentaries Competition
"This year, ten films were selected for the documentary category of the festival, vying for the Best Documentary Award," he added. The following titles are the entries:
Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano by Cyril Aris from Germany and Lebanon
Anxious in Beirut by Zakaria Jaber from Lebanon, Qatar, Spain, and Jordan
Eren by Maria Binder from Turkey
The Sky is Mine by Ayuob Naseri from Italy
Kaf Kaf by METİN DAĞ from Turkey
Anhell 69 by Theo Montoya from Columbia, Germany, and Romania
A Golden Life by Boubacar Sangare Benin from Burkina Faso and France
Blix Not Bombs by Greta Stocklassa from the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Germany
Translating Ulysses by Firat Yücel and Aylin Kuryel from the Netherlands and Turkey
My Worst Enemy by Mehran Tamadon from France and Switzerland

E S, [07.12.23 18:29]
World Shorts Competition
The executive manager of Duhok International Film Festival concluded his words at the press conference by saying, "Twelve films have been selected to enter the short fiction category of the competition, vying for the Best Short Award. The following titles are the entries:
Please Hold the Line by Tan Ce Ding from Malaysia
Koyun by Benhür Bolhava from Turkey
Shoot by Hiua Aloji from Germany
Sarina by Julia Zimmerman from Kurdistan Region
Fair Play by Zoel Aeschbacher from Switzerland and France
AUXILIAIRE by Lucas Bacle from France
Typist by Nasim Forough from Iran
On Xerxes Throne by Evi Kalogiropoulou from Greece
Rutubet by Turan Haste from Turkey
Transit by BAQER AL-RUBAIE from Iraq
The Other End of the Street by KÁLMÁN NAGY from Austria and Hungary
FLUT UND EBBE by Janis Westphal from Germany."

Presided by Amir Ali Mohammed Tahir and artistic management by the Kurdish director, Shawkat Amin Korki, the 10th round of Duhok International Film Festival is set to be held on 9-16 December, 2023, at Duhok University's congregation hall and the Duhok Mall Cineplex in Duhok, Kurdistan Region. Heralding the motto of "Mother Tongue (Kurdish)," this edition of Duhok will showcase 116 films by directors of different geographical backgrounds, in a variety of formats such as feature films, shorts, and documentaries in the two categories of competition and out-of-competition.

Memoriam of Yılmaz Güney, the 1982 Palme d’or winner in Cannes
Duhok International Film Festival in memoriam of Yılmaz Güney, the 1982 Palme d’or winner in Cannes, is in an effort to bridge the gap between Kurdish directors and those from the rest of the world, facilitating cultural exchanges among the nations all around the world.

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