President Raeisi Affirms Iran's Unwavering Support for Palestine Based on Constitutional Principles

In a conference held in Tehran on Sunday, President Ebrahim Raeisi reiterated Iran's steadfast commitment to supporting Gaza and Palestine, citing the Islamic Republic's Constitution as the foundation for this unwavering support.

Iran (IMNA) - Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, advocating for the Palestinians has been the top priority, according to President Raeisi.

During his speech, President Raeisi emphasized that Iran's support for Gaza and Palestine is deeply rooted in the Constitution. He stated that backing the oppressed is one of the fundamental principles enshrined in the making the support for Palestine an integral part of the Islamic Revolution from its inception.

"We cannot deviate from our principles," President Raeisi declared, addressing concerns about the inclinations of certain regional countries. He emphasized that these inclinations will not compromise the constitutional principle of supporting Palestine.

Furthermore, President Raeisi proudly described the Iranian Constitution as the most progressive among all countries. He referred to an African jurist who praised the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, characterizing it as a blend of democracy and ideals.

Turning his attention to the recent Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, President Raeisi expressed his condemnation. He highlighted the alarming death toll of over 15,200 Palestinians and the devastating destruction inflicted upon the besieged territory. Worldwide gatherings have taken place to denounce the Zionist regime's racial discrimination, murder, injustice, and oppression against the Palestinian people.

President Raeisi voiced his firm belief that divine revenge will arise from the bloodshed of the more than 6,000 children who were tragically martyred. He expressed confidence that this divine revenge will ultimately bring an end to the cruel and illegitimate Zionist regime.

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