Iranian, Omani Forces Conduct Joint Naval Rescue, Relief Exercise in Hormuz Strait

In a bid to strengthen their relations, Iranian and Omani military forces recently engaged in a day-long joint naval rescue and relief exercise.

Iran (IMNA) - The exercise took place in the Hormuz Strait and the northern tip of the Indian Ocean. Participating in the drills were combat vessels and airborne units from various Iranian military branches including the Navy, Air Force, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Naval Division of the Border Police, Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran, as well as the Royal Navy of Oman.

The naval exercise, held on Thursday, was attended by the heads of the joint military friendship commissions from both countries. With the aim of enhancing combat readiness and implementing bilateral agreements on maritime security, the drills focused on achieving these objectives.

During the exercise, Iranian drones conducted observation and monitoring operations in the northern parts of the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Hormuz. Additionally, reconnaissance aircraft carried out several sorties to survey military and merchant vessels present in the surrounding area.

Looking ahead, Iran's Navy chief has revealed plans to stage two more joint naval drills in the Sea of Oman in the near future. These exercises serve as a testament to the growing cooperation and collaboration between Iran and Oman in the realm of military operations and maritime security.

Iranian and Omani military forces showcased their coordination and successfully executed various scenarios during a joint drill. The presence of Iran's domestically-built destroyers, Dena and Sahand, alongside indigenous combat watercraft, emphasized the country's self-sufficiency in the defense industry.

Over the past few years, Iranian and Omani military forces have conducted multiple joint naval drills, fostering closer cooperation between the two nations. Furthermore, Iran has also engaged in joint naval exercises with other countries, including Pakistan and Russia.

Iranian, Omani Forces Conduct Joint Naval Rescue, Relief Exercise in Hormuz Strait

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