Iran and Iraq Sign MoU for ICT Cooperation, Strengthening Communication Infrastructure and Cyber Security

In a significant step towards enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the Iranian and Iraqi Ministers of ICT, Isa Zarepour and Hiyam al-Yaseri, respectively, signed a memorandum of understanding. The agreement was inked on Monday in Baghdad, paving the way for collaboration in various key areas.

Iran (IMNA) - Under the terms of the agreement, both countries will focus on establishing robust communication infrastructure, exchanging expertise in cyber security and artificial intelligence, and fostering international cooperation in the realm of ICT. Additionally, joint efforts will be made to bolster education and innovation, facilitate collaborative research projects, organize technical exhibitions, seminars, and academic meetings.

Furthermore, an exhibition showcasing Iranian and Iraqi stamps from the past century was planned to commemorate the occasion, alongside the release of a new joint stamp symbolizing their strengthened ties.

Notably, the partnership will also encompass the provision of advanced courses in automating communication networks and network security, aiming to enhance the technical capabilities of both ministries.

This significant agreement marks a milestone in the technological collaboration between Iran and Iraq, opening doors for further advancements in ICT and ensuring a prosperous future for both nations.

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