Iran Mediates Release of Thai Nationals Held by Hamas in Gaza Strip

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani has confirmed that the Islamic Republic played a crucial role in mediating the release of 10 Thai nationals who were held captive by the Hamas Resistance movement in the Gaza Strip.

Iran (IMNA) - The hostages were among approximately 240 individuals captured by Hamas during their surprise military operation against the Israeli regime on October 7.

According to reports, Thailand's Foreign Ministry sought Iran's assistance in securing the release of its citizens. In response, Iran actively engaged in diplomatic efforts, collaborating with Qatar to address the issue. Iranian officials provided Hamas with a list of the prisoners' names, emphasizing the importance of considering their release from a humanitarian perspective.

After several weeks of negotiations, Hamas released the first group of prisoners on Friday, as part of a truce agreement with the Israeli regime. The truce, which went into effect in the morning, stipulated that Hamas would release 50 unarmed prisoners in exchange for the liberation of 150 Palestinians incarcerated in Israel and a temporary cessation of hostilities. It is worth noting that the number of prisoners released might exceed the agreed-upon figures, as indicated by officials.

Israel's Prison Service has announced its preparations to release 42 prisoners, suggesting that Hamas will reciprocate by setting free 14 Israeli captives.

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