Basij Volunteer Forces Rally Nationwide in Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

Iran's Basij volunteer forces organized large-scale rallies across the country, with approximately 50,000 members taking to the streets of Tehran.

Iran (IMNA) - The demonstrations, known as "March towards al-Quds," were held during National Basij Week and coincided with the first day of a temporary ceasefire following nearly 50 days of Israeli aggression in Gaza.

In Tehran, the Basij forces marched along Enghelab (Revolution) Street, heading towards the University of Tehran where Friday prayers are held. Demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and displayed symbols of resistance movements, expressing their unwavering support for the people of Gaza and condemning the Israeli regime's acts of genocide in the besieged territory.

As a poignant tribute to the innocent children who lost their lives in the Israeli war on Gaza, some protesters carried shrouded bodies of Palestinian infants. This symbolic gesture aimed to honor the thousands of young lives tragically taken during the conflict.

Similar parades in solidarity with Palestinians took place in major cities throughout Iran, underscoring the widespread support and concern for the plight of the Gaza Strip.

Basij Volunteer Forces Rally Nationwide in Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

On October 7, Israel launched an offensive on Gaza in response to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas' surprise attack known as Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. This operation was carried out as a reaction to Tel Aviv's long-standing campaign of violence and destruction against Palestinians.

As a result of the conflict, Gaza has faced severe humanitarian challenges, including the blockade of essential resources such as water, food, and electricity.

According to a report released by the Government Media Office in Gaza on Thursday, the Israeli strikes have claimed the lives of at least 14,854 Palestinians, including over 6,150 children and 4,000 women. Additionally, more than 36,000 people have been injured, with health workers and Palestinians among the casualties. Disturbingly, there are still 7,000 Palestinians who remain missing.

The report highlights that the aggression has led to the destruction or damage of approximately 60 percent of homes in Gaza.

On Friday, a truce mediated by Qatar came into effect. The agreement involves the exchange of captives and the delivery of relief aid to the Gaza Strip over a period of four days. As per the terms of the agreement, for each Israeli captive released, three Palestinian prisoners (specifically women and children) will be freed. Furthermore, 200 aid trucks carrying medical supplies for Gaza will be permitted during the ceasefire period.

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