Iran's Ambassador to the UN Raises Alarm Over Israeli Regime's Nuclear Weapons

The Iranian ambassador's warning about the danger of Israel's nuclear weapons is an expression of concern regarding regional stability and the potential risks associated with such weapons.

Iran (IMNA) - In a strongly worded statement delivered at the Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction, Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, Amir Saied Iravani, expressed grave concerns about the Israeli regime's possession of nuclear weapons.

During his address, Ambassador Iravani highlighted the regional and global implications of the Israeli regime's nuclear arsenal, emphasizing the urgent need to address the proliferation risks associated with it. He stated that the existence of these weapons not only poses a direct threat to humanity but also serves as a tool for blackmail.

Drawing attention to the lack of transparency surrounding Israel's nuclear capabilities, Ambassador Iravani underscored the significant destabilizing effect it has on the region. He further expressed deep concern over the potential use of these weapons of mass destruction in the ongoing Gaza conflict or any other future conflicts if immediate preventive measures are not taken.

The ambassador's remarks shed light on the pressing need to address the issue of nuclear ambiguity and promote regional stability in the Middle East.

The Iranian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations has emphasized the urgent need to create a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. In a statement, Ambassador Iravani highlighted the importance of this goal as a crucial step towards a safer future. "In these critical times," he stated, "the imperative to establish such a zone in the Middle East has never been more urgent."

Ambassador Iravani also called for immediate action in response to the actions of the Israeli regime. He pointed out examples of terrorism and sabotage against civilian nuclear programs and scientists in the region. The Ambassador stressed the necessity of intervention from international bodies like the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He further urged the international community to acknowledge these threats by the Israeli regime as a stark wake-up call.

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