Iran Calls for Global Action to Stop Israeli Atrocities in Gaza, Urges Humanity to Test its Conscience

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman, Nasser Kanani, has urged for immediate global action to address the alleged Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Iran (IMNA) - In a statement posted on X on Friday, Kanani described the crisis in Gaza as a crucial test of humanity's conscience. He emphasized that no conscientious individual could stay silent after witnessing distressing images of the reported mass killings of Palestinians, the ongoing blockade affecting over 2 million people, the targeting of hospitals resulting in the death of patients, and the siege on a children's hospital. Kanani further expressed skepticism about the United Nations Security Council's ability to effectively intervene, given the perceived Western support for Israel and the lack of will within the council to halt what he referred to as a genocide in Gaza.

International community looks to the UN Security Council for action, but many question its effectiveness in addressing the ongoing crisis in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Critics argue that the Council lacks the resolve to halt the violence perpetrated by the Zionist regime, which has led to a devastating genocide of Palestinians. The situation is further exacerbated by the US veto power and the support of countries like England and France for the controversial Israeli regime.

A spokesperson strongly criticized the United States' unwavering support for Israel, asserting that it only emboldens the regime to commit more crimes. They emphasized that this support will forever remain a mark of shame on America's reputation, as the Israeli government continues to freely engage in massacres and genocidal acts against the Palestinian people.

The recent war in Gaza erupted when resistance movements in the territory launched a surprise attack, known as Operation al-Aqsa Storm, in response to years of systematic oppression and brutality inflicted upon Palestinians. This attack was seen as a desperate attempt to counter the sustained campaign of violence and devastation endured by Palestinians for decades.

Tragically, the consequences of the conflict have been dire. Over 11,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, have lost their lives in the relentless Israeli aerial and ground assaults.

Furthermore, Gaza remains under a suffocating siege, with essential resources such as fuel, electricity, food, and water intentionally cut off from its more than two million inhabitants.

Iran has repeatedly voiced concerns about the escalating Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, warning of grave repercussions if these actions continue unabated."

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