Iran's Top Human Rights Official Condemns Israeli Atrocities in Gaza, Claims 40,000 Killed and Injured

In a meeting held in Tehran on Tuesday, Kazem Gharibabadi, the secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, strongly criticized Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip, stating that they constitute blatant violations of both human rights and international law.

Iran (IMNA) -Gharibabadi described the ongoing situation as a crime against humanity, war crime, genocide, and racial and ethnic cleansing, falling within the jurisdiction of international criminal law, with ample evidence to support these claims.

According to Gharibabadi, over the past 32 days, the Zionist regime has committed various crimes in the Gaza Strip, resulting in a staggering toll of at least 40,000 deaths and injuries. He emphasized that the Israeli occupation has claimed the lives of 100,000 Palestinians over a span of 75 years, while the Gaza Strip alone has witnessed the loss of 10,000 lives within just one month.

Furthermore, Gharibabadi highlighted that more than 70% of the victims in Gaza are women and children, underscoring the alarming impact of the Israeli atrocities on the most vulnerable members of society.

"In a recent statement, Iran's top rights official criticized Western countries for their silence on the issue of women and children's rights, despite their claims of advocacy. The official highlighted various offenses committed by the Zionist regime, including the use of internationally-banned munitions such as white phosphorus bombs, forced displacement, and blocking the entry of food and medicine, resulting in the extermination of the population. These actions, he argued, constitute violations of international criminal law.

Furthermore, the official pointed out that civilian facilities, including homes, educational and religious centers, and hospitals, have been targeted and bombarded during the four-week conflict. He described these acts as internationally recognized war crimes. The secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights emphasized that these Israeli strikes against the defenseless people of Gaza violate the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

The official also criticized the Zionist regime for undermining international organizations, human rights, and humanitarian mechanisms through its crimes. While acknowledging the adoption of the Gaza resolution by the UN General Assembly as a positive step, he deemed it ineffective in stopping the ongoing crimes. Gharibabadi, Iran's top rights official, lamented the failure of the UN Security Council to take decisive action. He asserted that the Gaza Strip has become a tragic showcase of continuous violations of international law.

Rejecting Israeli claims about the right to self-defense, the official stressed that only Gazans, who have endured decades of oppression, siege, and occupation, are entitled to this right according to international law."

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