Massive Explosions Ravage Gaza Amidst Escalating Conflict as Ceasefire Rejected

In a devastating turn of events, Gaza experienced a series of explosions on Tuesday morning. This came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of a ceasefire amidst the escalating conflict.

Iran (IMNA) - The Palestinian enclave now bears witness to a heartbreaking sight of demolished structures, as buildings lay in ruins. Thick clouds of smoke obscure the sky, a somber reflection of Israel's intensified ground operation.

Netanyahu, addressing the nation late on Monday, firmly declared that Israel would not entertain the notion of halting hostilities with Hamas in Gaza. Instead, the Israeli government remains resolute in its mission to eradicate the group.

Tragically, Gaza's health authorities report that a staggering 8,306 individuals have lost their lives due to Israeli attacks since October 7th. Among these casualties are 3,457 minors, highlighting the immense toll on innocent lives. The United Nations officials further reveal that over 1.4 million civilians, out of Gaza's total population of approximately 2.3 million, have been displaced from their homes, left without shelter and security.

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