Iran Pillar of Stability in Region amidst US-Israel Tensions

In a recent statement, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan'ani, emphasized Iran's role as the pillar and anchor of stability in the region, contrasting it with the United States' support for Israel, which he claimed promotes war. Kan'ani highlighted Tehran's hosting of the second 3+3 regi

Iran (IMNA) - While accusing the United States and some of its allies of escalating war-mongering, instability, and insecurity by unwaveringly supporting the "villain Zionist regime," Kan'ani underscored that Iran remains steadfast in its pursuit of stability and security. He attributed Iran's ability to fulfill this role to its indigenous collective security doctrine.

Iran's stance sends a clear message, positioning itself as a stabilizing force in the region amid rising tensions between the United States and Israel.

Kan'ani, a representative from Iran, expressed Iran's belief in the capability of regional countries to address their own challenges and establish lasting security and stability based on mutual interests and collective progress. He emphasized that this strategy can lead to numerous benefits and sustainable development for the region, but only if all countries adopt a similar approach and avoid interference from external players driven by profit-seeking motives.

To facilitate the resolution of regional issues without foreign interference, the 3+3 consultative platform was established. This platform consists of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan from the South Caucasus region, along with Russia, Turkey, and Iran. The inaugural meeting of the 3+3 platform took place in Moscow in December 2021, involving deputy foreign ministers from the participating countries. Notably, Georgia was absent from this meeting.

Continuing the diplomatic efforts, the second meeting of the 3+3 platform was recently held in Tehran. The participants of this meeting stressed the significance of peaceful dispute settlement, respect for sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity, adherence to internationally recognized borders, non-interference in internal affairs, prohibition of the threat or use of force, and respect for human rights.

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