Iranian President Denounces American Leader's Pro-Israeli Remarks as "Reactionary and Anti-Democratic"

In a recent Cabinet session, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi expressed strong condemnation towards his American counterpart's statements in support of Israel. President Raeisi specifically referred to Joe Biden's remarks made during his visit to the occupied territories earlier this month, where he stated, "I have long said: If Israel didn't exist, we would have to invent it."

Labeling Biden's comments as "reactionary, anti-democratic, and inhuman," President Raeisi emphasized that such reveal the true nature of the illegitimate Zionist regime. He further questioned the compatibility of these remarks with international law, agreements, and regulations.

The Israeli regime came into existence in 1948 following its occupation of large portions of Palestinian territories in a Western-supported war. In subsequent conflicts, such as the one in 1967, additional land was seized. Since then, the regime has constructed numerous illegal settlements on the occupied territories, imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinians, and engaged in frequent acts of violence against them.

Despite committing these actions, the Israeli regime has managed to evade accountability due to unwavering political backing from the United States, its longstanding and strongest ally. The U.S. consistently employs its veto power to block anti-Tel Aviv resolutions at the United Nations Security Council.

Iranian President Raeisi has expressed concerns regarding President Biden's recent comments, interpreting them as a cautionary message to Muslim nations in the region. He emphasized that these remarks suggest the United States prioritizes the preservation of the Zionist regime over the protection of human lives, particularly those of women and children. The president made these statements amidst the ongoing Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, which has now reached its 16th day. The relentless attacks by the Israeli regime have resulted in a devastating toll, with over 4,700 Gazans losing their lives and more than 15,000 others sustaining injuries.

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