Iranian President Draws Parallel Between Israeli Actions in Gaza and Nazi Crimes

In a recent phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi strongly criticized Israel's actions against Palestinians, drawing a parallel between these actions and the crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II. Raeisi warned that if the Israeli regime continues its attacks, the dimensions of the conflict will expand.

Iran (IMNA) - During the call, Raeisi emphasized that Western countries and international organizations are responsible for addressing the ongoing crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip. He called for an immediate halt to the bombardment of residential areas, lifting the blockade, and providing essential supplies such as water, electricity, fuel, and basic items to the besieged city. Additionally, he stressed the importance of respecting the absolute rights of the Palestinian people in order to prevent the crisis from spreading throughout the region.

Raeisi condemned Israel's attacks as criminal and expressed deep concern for the people of Gaza, highlighting the decades of oppression, discrimination, injustice, and occupation endured by the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli regime. He further stated that the Palestinian resistance groups' operations were a response to Israel's crimes and a manifestation of their protest against the long history of killing, cruelty, and injustice inflicted upon them.

In a surprising turn of events on October 7, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas executed a multi-pronged attack against Israel, penetrating deep into the territories occupied by the Israeli regime for decades. Dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, this strategic move was a direct response to the regime's repeated desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and its decade-long oppression of the Palestinian people.

the Iranian president has voiced his criticism towards the French government for obstructing a planned rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people. He further urged the French president not to allow France to be remembered as a nation supporting the Zionist regime accused of child-killing.

Highlighting Iran's unwavering stance on supporting the rights of the Palestinian people, President Raeisi stated that defending the Palestinian resistance movement is equivalent to defending an oppressed nation.

In response, the French president expressed his concerns regarding the escalating crisis in the Gaza Strip and appealed to Iran to utilize its influential role in the region to help alleviate the situation.

However, President Macron was informed by his Iranian counterpart that the decision-making power lies with the resistance groups themselves.

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