Iran, Iraqi Interior Ministers Discuss Bilateral, Regional Developments

In a recent meeting held Tehran, Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi and his Iraqi counterpart, Abdul Amir al-Shammari, engaged in fruitful discussions regarding bilateral issues and important regional and international developments. The ministers exchanged views on various topics, emphasizing the significance of cooperation between Iran and Iraq.

Iran (IMNA) - During the meeting, Minister Vahidi expressed his appreciation for the measures taken by the Iraqi government to ensure the well-being of Iranian pilgrims visiting the holy sites, particularly during the Arbaeen pilgrimage. He also commended the warm hospitality shown by the Iraqi nation towards these pilgrims, stating that most Iranians are satisfied with the efforts made by the Iraqi government and people.

Minister al-Shammari reciprocated the sentiment, expressing the gratitude of the Iraqi government and people for hosting millions of Iranian pilgrims at the holy shrines. He emphasized the importance of maintaining this strong bond between the two nations and ensuring the future Arbaeen ceremonies.

The ministers concluded their meeting by discussing ways to enhance the magnificence of the Arbaeen pilgrimage in the coming years. Their commitment to fostering mutual understanding and collaboration highlights the positive relationship between Iran and Iraq, as well as their shared dedication to promoting regional stability and cooperation.

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