Zionist regime damaged reputation of Judaism

President Ebrahim Raeisi recently held a meeting with anti-Zionist rabbis in New York during his visit for the United Nations General Assembly.

‌‌‌Iran (IMNA) - The president expressed his belief that Zionists aim to tarnish the image of Judaism, emphasizing that Jews and Zionists are distinct.

He commended the Neturei Karta religious group for distinguishing between their religious faith and Zionism. Raeisi clarified that Iran has no issue with Judaism and Torah, allowing Jews to freely practice their religion within the country. However, he made it clear that Iran's problem lies with Zionists and their oppressive actions under the guise of religion.

The president drew parallels by stating that just as Iran does not consider the Takfiri terrorist group Daesh to be Muslim due to their atrocities, the Islamic Republic opposes any form of oppression committed in the name of religion. One of the rabbis present expressed appreciation for the freedom granted to the Jewish community in Iran, asserting that Zionism is unrelated to their religion and beliefs.

Neturei Karta is a religious group consisting of anti-Zionist rabbis and Orthodox Jews who vehemently oppose the establishment of the State of Israel. Their ideology revolves around the belief that only the Messiah can establish a Jewish homeland, and any attempts made by humans to do so are considered blasphemous.

Neturei Karta's stance against Zionism is rooted in their interpretation of Jewish religious texts, which they believe forbids Jews from having their own sovereign state until the arrival of the Messiah. They view the establishment of Israel as a violation of divine will and argue that it has caused immense suffering for both Jews and Palestinians.

The group actively protests against the Israeli regime and its policies, often participating in demonstrations and events alongside Palestinian activists. They advocate for the dismantling of the Israeli state and the return of all land to Palestinian control.

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