West's era of domination has ended, according to President Raeisi

Iranian President Ebhraim Raeisi emphasized that the era of Western dominance over sovereign nations has come to an end, highlighting Iran's success in overcoming sanctions imposed by Western countries.

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking during a meeting with Croatian President Zoran Milanovic at the United Nations General Assembly, Raeisi stated that despite Western countries' attempts to impose their interests and values on others, Iran has effectively turned sanctions and pressures into opportunities, particularly in the field of technology.

He further highlighted Iran's significant advancements in agriculture, industry, and medicine through its peaceful nuclear program, citing the successful treatment of one million patients with radiopharmaceuticals last year.

Raeisi questioned the justification behind nuclear-armed nations preventing other countries from accessing nuclear energy. Additionally, he expressed Iran's keenness to enhance political, economic, and trade relations with Croatia, commending Croatia for pursuing independent policies despite its membership in NATO and the European Union.

Milanovic echoed the importance of independent foreign policies and denounced any attempts to impose values and cultures on other nations, while also criticizing the US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.

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