Iran to able to access assets blocked in South Korea as of Monday: Kan'ani

The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan'ani, announced on Monday that Iran's frozen funds in South Korea, which amount to nearly $6 billion, will be fully accessible to the Iranian government.

Iran (IMNA) - Speaking at a press briefing in Tehran, Kan'ani emphasized that the current administration has made it a priority to restore Iran's rights and has actively pursued the release of unfrozen assets. He also mentioned that the agreement with the US regarding the release of Iran's assets and a prisoner swap has been progressing favorably.

He clarified that the exchange of prisoners will take place today, with the US releasing five Iranian prisoners in return for five American prisoners. Additionally, he mentioned a security agreement between Iran and Iraq regarding the disarmament and relocation of anti-Iran terror groups in Kurdistan. The deadline for this agreement is September 19 and will not be extended. The Iraqi government has affirmed its commitment to the terms and is expected to fully implement the deal.

Addressing Iran's decision to bar multiple IAEA inspectors, he stated that Tehran opposes the politicization of the agency but will continue cooperation based on the Safeguards Agreement. Regarding the European Union's decision not to lift the arms embargo against Iran, he dismissed it as lacking legal and international value. He emphasized that after October 18, the restrictions imposed by JCPOA will automatically be lifted, allowing Iran to cooperate with any willing country under international law.

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