Isfahan to Shiraz major highway to be opened in Iran

Isfahan and Shiraz will be connected by a significant highway project that will open as early as October, according to the Iranian Ministry of Transportation.

Iran (IMNA) - The 212-kilometer motorway connecting Isfahan in central Iran with Shiraz in the south of the country will be the longest one to be completed as part of a single project, according to deputy transportation minister Kheirollah Khademi.

According to Khademi, the project cost 250 trillion rials ($500 million), approximately half of which came from private investors.

With a height of 110 meters and a length of 264 meters, the official claimed that the roadway has the tallest road bridge in Iran. According to earlier sources, the bridge's construction took two years.

Isfahan-Shiraz highway construction spans 224 kilometers in total. Six of the eight portions of the roadway are covered by the road that will be inaugurated in October.

In recent years, Iran has worked to improve its transportation infrastructure, both to reduce traffic on the highways and to facilitate more freight transit from other nations.

According to official statistics, Iran has built 2,700 kilometers of new motorways since the Islamic Revolution was successful in 1979.

Isfahan to Shiraz major motorway to be opened in Iran

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