Iran seized two foreign tankers illegally transporting fuel in Persian Gulf

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Navy has captured two foreign oil tankers that were smuggling fuel in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Iran (IMNA) - The deputy Commander of the IRGC's Third Naval Zone, Mohammad Sharif Shirali, announced that the vessels, named "Stephen" and "Crown," were seized under a judicial order. A total of 1.5 million liters of fuel were confiscated during the operation.

The captured tankers were guided to Bandar-e Mahshahr and Arvand base, and the 37 crew members were handed over to the appropriate authorities.

The IRGC's naval forces maintain a vigilant watch over illegal activities by foreign commercial and military ships in the Persian Gulf region.

In the previous year, the IRGC's Navy seized more than 50 million liters of smuggled fuel, primarily diesel, in different missions. They have also successfully thwarted attacks on Iranian and foreign tankers in the strategically important Persian Gulf region and other international waters.

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