Iran  preparing for unusually rainy autumn, winter periods

Iran's Energy Ministry has issued a warning that the upcoming fall and winter seasons will bring unusually high levels of precipitation to most parts of the country.

Iran (IMNA) - This is due to the strong climate phenomenon known as El Nino, which is expected to result in significant rainfall across many provinces in Iran.

While some southern, southeastern, and central provinces may experience normal precipitation rates, the rest of the country should prepare for a substantial increase in rainfall.

The Ministry has identified around 8,000 locations that are at risk of flooding, especially in areas with limited reservoir capacity.

Measures need to be taken in urban, agricultural, industrial, and transportation sectors to minimize potential damage. El Nino, a natural phenomenon, has been responsible for elevated temperatures in various regions worldwide and can also lead to increased rainfall in parts of the Americas, Asia, and other areas due to its impact on tropical cyclones in the Pacific.

After three years of the cooler La Nina pattern, experts anticipate the arrival of El Nino in many parts of the world this year. ‌‌‌‌‌

El Nino is a natural climate phenomenon characterized by warmer than average ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific. It can have far-reaching impacts on global weather patterns, including increased rainfall in certain regions.

The phenomenon is expected to bring heavier rainfall to many provinces in Iran during the fall and winter seasons. Additionally, the warm temperatures associated with El Nino can accelerate snowmelt, potentially leading to floods.

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