Iran foiled 400 terrorist bombings: Intelligence Minister

Iran's Intelligence Minister, Esmail Khatib, has revealed that Iran successfully thwarted 400 planned bombings orchestrated by its enemies.

Iran (IMNA) -These plots were aimed at inciting fabricated riots throughout the country. Speaking on a TV program, Khatib explained that the enemies engaged in a hybrid war against Iran, resorting to acts of terrorism and attempts to instigate unrest.

Khatib highlighted that reports indicated the enemies' intentions to exploit another wave of manufactured riots. As a result, Iranian authorities were able to seize approximately 400 bombs, with over 40 intended to be detonated during mourning gatherings in the first ten days of the lunar month of Muharram.

Mahsa Amini's death

Last September, Iran witnessed foreign-backed riots following the death of a young woman, Mahsa Amini. A subsequent investigation concluded that her tragic passing was due to a pre-existing medical condition, dispelling claims of police brutality. Nevertheless, rioters unleashed chaos across the nation, inflicting significant damage to public property and engaging in violence against both security forces and civilians who were perceived as supporters of the Islamic establishment.

Furthermore, Khatib revealed that prior to the riots, the sworn enemies of Iran's Islamic establishment, including separatist groups, terrorists, and pro-Shah elements, held meetings with over 50 intelligence agencies in various countries. They also trained around 200 media outlets to promote and provoke the riots.

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