Terrorist-Zionist network in some Iranian provinces identified

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Iranian intelligence ministry stated that its security forces had inflicted more blows on elements of the terrorist-Zionist network in four Iranian provinces.

Iran (IMNA_ Following the statements made by the Iranian intelligence ministry on July 24 and August 18 regarding the identification of the Zionist-terrorist network in several provinces of the country, the arrest of 14 terrorists, and the discovery and seizure of 43 potent ready-to-explode bombs, the ministry announced that other destructive cells associated with the same terrorist organization had been identified and targeted in four other Iranian provinces.

According to the statement, the terrorists were targeted in the Iranian provinces of Khuzestan, Mazandaran, Kermanshah, Sistan and Baluchistan.

The statement went on to say that two terrorists who had participated in several provocative actions in Kermanshah Province had been found and detained on August 24.

The ministry made notice of the variety of terrorist organizations and groups participating in the turmoil, pointing out that the bases of the various organizations range from Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark to ISIL members located in Afghanistan (the Shah Cheragh criminals) and resident gangs in Pakistan.

The ministry claims that this demonstrates the presence of a central leadership group among the Zionist regime and Western countries.

The statement went on to say that despite the fact that these terrorists have publicly perpetrated scores of crimes, murders, and acts of violence, hypocritical Western governments and human rights claimants feel obligated to defend their record.

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