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Hungry Ghost Festival

Ghost Festival or Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated every year in China, usually in August. This year, it falls on August 30.

Iran (IMNA) - It is a special Chinese tradition where they honor their ancestors. The popular folk religion called Taoism includes days regarding dead people and their ghosts. These ghosts can be thousands of years old. It is believed that the spirits visit in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. For this occurrence, people usually need to take special precautions and perform certain ceremonies. The festival is observed by many people around the country. It is a tradition that is still observed today.


Ghost Festival is a holiday that usually takes place on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month. This day usually falls in August in our Western calendar. It is traditionally observed by people in China. Ghost Festival is just one of the numerous traditional festivals in China that are dedicated to worshiping ancestors. Some of the other festivals include the Spring Festival, Double Ninth Festival, and the Qingming Festival.

During the Ghost Festival, people perform unique ceremonies to avoid the wrath of the spirits. People are known to burn incense while they put the ancestral tablets of the family on a table and prepare meals three times that day.

Hungry Ghost Festival

The main ceremony, which is usually held at dusk, is when they put out plates of food for the ghosts on the table. Here, the people kowtow, reporting their behavior to their ancestors expecting to either receive a blessing or punishment from them. This night is also known for feasting. A place is sometimes left open at the table for a lost ancestor.

There is a belief by some people in China that the ghosts of Chinese ancestors are let out as realms of the living, Heaven, and Hell is open on the first day of Hungry Ghost Month. The seventh lunar month has been considered to be the scariest month of the year by the Chinese for thousands of years. The spirits are believed to roam around looking for entertainment and food. During this time, many fearful Chinese people try to avoid swimming. They also avoid being alone at night out of fear that an enemy ghost may harm them.

In other Asian countries where this festival is observed, live performances are held to which everyone is invited. However, they usually leave the first row of seats as they believe the visiting ghosts are meant to sit there.

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