Iran claims Kuwait's disputed gas field is "not an enormous concern"

A senior official claims that, given the positive relations between the two countries, the disagreement over a gas field in the Persian Gulf between Iran and neighboring Kuwait is not a significant concern.

Iran (IMNA) - Arash gas field, also known as al-Durra in Kuwait, is an ongoing issue in bilateral relations between Iran and Kuwait, according to Ali Asghar Khaji, a senior advisor to the Iranian foreign minister, who made the comments in statements that were published on Sunday.

On the basis of the two nations' shared historical circumstances, he claimed that Iran and Kuwait might work together to resolve their disagreement over the strategically significant gas field.

Despite the unfavorable tone that some media outlets are trying to create in order to cause conflict among the countries in the region, the ambassador claimed that Iran is "very optimistic" about finding a solution.

In an interview with the Arabic-language al-Masirah TV, Khaji stated, "We are quite confident about a resolution on the Arash gas field despite the unfavorable climate that some media outlets try to utilize to promote division among regional countries.

The words follow a slew of claims made by Kuwaiti authorities that the country and Saudi Arabia had exclusive rights to the resources of the Arash field, which spans an undefined region of Iranian and Kuwaiti waters in the Persian Gulf.

This is relevant because some experts think Iran may control a majority of the gas field if its borders with Kuwait are defined.

The agreement that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia signed last year allowing them to develop the field and split its resources without Iran's involvement has angered Iranian authorities.

However, according to Khaji, Iran thinks that the disagreement over Kuwait's gas field can be resolved peacefully, and the two countries have recently engaged in a number of rounds of technical discussions.

Given the willingness of the Iranian authorities, he asserted, "This issue won't be difficult to resolve."

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