Kashan registered as world city of traditional textiles

Traditional textiles from Kashan and wicker weaving art from Dezful have been registered with the World Crafts Council (WCC).

Iran (IMNA) - The global registration of Dezful and Kashan entails increasing responsibility for strengthening the development approach, increasing workshops, expanding education and employment, and publicizing and stabilizing that position at the international level.

Wicker weaving is the art of using one's hands and feet to twist and weave plant fibers into a variety of forms and patterns. Wicker weaving is more common in the north and south of Iran than it is in other parts of the country because these two locations have an abundance of the raw materials needed to make it and because this art form is compatible with the local climate.

The Iranian minister believes that handicrafts are a significant principle of the economy of culture.

Dezful is located in Khuzestan Province in the southwest, while Kashan is in Isfahan Province in the center.

As of now, 11 cities and 3 villages in Iran have been recognized by the WCC as world cities and villages in various categories of handicrafts. With Dezful and Kashan's registration, Iran now has 13 cities designated as global handicraft cities.

kashan registered as world city of traditional textiles

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