Iran opens new €130 million power facility in its northwest

In Iran's Ardabil, close to the border with Azerbaijan, a new power plant unit that cost 130 million euros to build has begun operating.

Iran (IMNA) - The new steam unit installed at the Sabalan Combined-Cycle Power Plant, according to a deputy CEO of Iran's Thermal Power Plants Holding Company (TPPH), can produce 160 megawatts (MW) of power.

According to Mohammad Ramazani, the unit is the third steam unit to be installed at the Sabalan power plant, which currently has six gas-fired units and a total output capacity of 1.44 gigawatts.

Ramazani claimed that the launch reduced the power plant's annual natural gas usage by 250 million cubic meters and increased its efficiency by 50%.

He continued by saying that 300 direct jobs have been generated in the area as a result of the building of the new power plant unit in Ardabil.

One of TPPH's biggest energy generation facilities in Iran is the Sabalan power plant. It is situated close to the Azerbaijani border, north of the city of Ardabil.

The combined cycle system at the power plant uses the exhaust heat from gas-fired turbines to produce steam, which in turn powers steam turbines.

The effective, eco-friendly method has gained popularity in Iran over the past several years as the nation depends on its abundant natural gas resources to develop its electrical sector.

To entice private investors to construct combined-cycle power plants in a number of places, the government has provided incentives such as a cheap and reliable supply of natural gas.

A 160 MW power plant can supply approximately 200,000 people with energy, according to data from the Iranian Energy Ministry.

Iran opens new €130 million power facility in its northwest

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