Agritourism: Meybod bids to bring more visitors

Meybod, an oasis county in central Iran better known for its rich cultural heritage, seeks to promote agritourism to diversify attractions.

Iran (IMNA) - Meybod Governor Seyyed Jamal Sajjadipur announced the decision in a meeting with the village leaders held on Monday.

Attendees at the meeting discussed ways to promote tourism in their villages and synergy by implementing development plans, CHTN reported.

Experts believe that agritourism pays special attention to the production sector, saying “For this reason, agricultural tourism is much more important and practical than other branches of tourism because it creates a new chain and diversity in the field of production and services.”

Meybod is home to hundreds of historical sites such as mazing bazaars, windcatchers, mosques, mansions, public bathhouses, madrasas, fortresses, qanat systems, and underground watermills, to name a few.

According to UNESCO, Meybod is a remarkable example of the viability and transmission of human beings’ collective thoughts from different generations to the present one.

“What is significant in the city of Meybod is the regularity of city planning. The anatomy and spatial structure of the city shows original plans which conform with the old Iranian city planning.”


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