Iranians bid farewell to terrorist attack's martyrs of Shah Cheragh

In the wake of Sunday's terrorist attack on the Shah Cheragh shrine in the southern city of Shiraz, tens of thousands of Iranians have bid farewell to the martyrs.

Iran (IMNA) - People carried the remains of Gholm Abbas Abbasi, a servant of the sacred site, and Mohammad Jahnagiri, a security guard, from Shiraz's Shohada Square to the courtyard of the Shah Cheragh shrine as part of a funeral rite on Wednesday.

The mourners held signs denouncing the senseless terrorist attacks committed by Takfiri terrorists and their Western backers.

They demanded an immediate and regretful reaction from all those responsible for the fatal atrocity.

In Iran's Fars Province, Wednesday had been considered a day of nationwide mourning.

At the Shah Cheragh shrine on Sunday, a terrorist from Tajikistan went on a shooting rampage that left two people dead and seven more injured. He was detained right away and handed over to the detectives.

The terrorist attack was blamed on the terrorist organization Daesh.

An armed terrorist murdered 13 pilgrims, including women and children, in a similar incident in October 2022 and injured more than 20 more before being shot by security personnel.

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